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Ghislain Lachance - Inventor/Owner

About Us

SnowTracker, WheelTracker and Everlaster is manufactured by SCM-GL Inc. a Quebec company located in Beauce since 2001. Snowtracker permits the snowmobilers to rediscover the pleasure of having a comfortable and safe steering in trails and all sorts of conditions.

During the last years the sport of snowmobiling has seen all sorts of machines plus more powerful and improved units.

However a good number of them have had to correct major problems of darting and zigzagging in trails that old groovers had been left behind.

Those marks and grooves created very unstable feelings with machines automatically trying to follow those grooves.

Snowtracker have developed and revolutionized and corrected this problem.

After years of research and trials on trails, snowtracker have come up with units to correct the darting, zigzagging and giving much better control and security for all snowmobiles.

The concept is simple, snowtracker have used their piece of tempered steel, 4 blades and a runner in the center which totals the 5 blades.

SCM-GL Inc. currently holds several U.S. and Canadian patents and is always considering new products to develop for its customers. This family owned company works very hard in the prototyping stages to perfect their products.  We are determined to stand out in the market and we hold unparalleled pride in our development of new product.  SCM-GL Inc. strives for ingenuity and QUALITY. The owner of SCM-GL, Ghislain Lachance, has taken the Snowmobile Steering Stabilizer (Stabilisateur de Conduite pour Motoneige Ghislain Lachance; SCM-GL) and created a craze so innovative, the company has continued to grow throughout North America. With our recent acquisitions of new equipment installed in our new factory, the company is well founded and structured.  We aim to make a mark in the history of snowmobiling!

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