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Buy an aggressive model

The SNOWTRACKER Aggressive model is ideal for:

  • Long track;
  • Machine with studs;                                                         
  • Grand Touring machine;
  • 4 strokes machine;
  • 2 up on the snowmobile;
  • Wide track;
  • For riders that like the sport feeling on any kind of snowmobile.

To have the maximum of performance and efficiency with your Snowtracker aggressive model you need to set up well your machine. You need to remove weight on your skis, aligne your skis at ''0 degrees of openning'' and adjust the strap. Please read carefully our installation steps before done your final installation on your snowmobile. If you see that your snowmobile is hard to drive review the installation steps. If you install properly your Snowtracker and you adjust your snowmobile, according to our recommandations, you will find a sensation of confort, no darting and safe driving.  

Click here to read installation steps for an aggressive model Snowtracker.