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The only advenced self-sharpenning carbides on the market with 4'' of carbides !!!

You have the sensation of sliding on the icy roadways? Your carbides become round quickly and have no grip ? EVERLASTER carbides BLADE-Z are the solution because they will always stay sharped until there are no more carbides inside of them. These are the only replacement OEM self-sharpenning carbides on the market. Patented in CANADA & U.S, these replacement OEM carbides will give you the maximum of durability, optimum grip and longetivy. The EVERLASTER carbides BLADE-Z has been designed to always be very SHARP and self-sharpenning by themselves. 

Complete product lists EVERLASTER carbide BLADE-Z available for season 2018-2019

The EVERLASTER carbides cannon't replace the carbides of SNOWTRACKER complete kit when snowtracker's carbides are wear. The Everlaster carbides replace only the original OEM carbides of the machine and cannon't fit with the corrector plates (u-blades) of snowtracker.

Coming soon, orders online for 2018-2019 will be available in next weeks. For now please call your dealer.

***FOR YOUR SAFETY: We highly recommend you do not modify any components for any reasons.  Modifications can create unforeseen problems that could result in serious injuries or even death.  SCM-GL inc. is not liable for any results from modified components. We also highly recommend you do not install used parts. You need to have the good part number on your machine. Install on your machine the wrong used parts can cause problems and affect the performance of your machine and your driving.  ***

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Convential carbide runners
Everlaster BLADE-Z 
*SE = Effective Area necessary for control

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