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Mazak - Laser hyper turbo-x 510
Mazak - Centre d’usinage vertical Nexus-510 CNC
Mazak - Tour 4 axes CNC


We offert others services like :
  • Suspension modifications/improvements for snowmobiles;
  • We are equipped and specialized to perform any job with our CNC machines;
  • Laser cutting (steel, stainless, aluminum);
  • Heat tempering;
  • We can make drawings for the laser cutting and industrial manufacturing;
  • Bending;
  • Welding;
  • Installation and Repairs of all types of our products : Snowtracker, Everlaster Carbide Blade-Z and Hydraulic Wheeltracker.
 Materials and the thicknesses for laser cutting:
  • Steel: (1/16” to 1” thick);
  • Stainless: (1/16” to ½” thick); Important:  The stainless must be covered with an adhesive paper specially made for laser cutting.
  • Aluminum: (1/16” thick to 5/8” thick);
We are equipped with special suction cups to move each sheet onto the laser table without any damage.  Our laser table is also equipped with special rollers to move the sheets without damaging them to provide a beautiful finish!
  • Maximum size of sheets: 5 feet x 10 feet (60 x 120 inches),