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Snowmobile Steering Stabilizer

Tired of darting all over the trails ? Forget about the ruts and ragain control with the SnowTracker Aggressive or Semi-Aggressive Kit. Our products are manufactured in Canada. U.S. and Canada Patented. For all makes.

You want positive control of your snowmobile on icy or snowy trails (like on paved way with Formula One feeling)? Yes it is possible, thanks to the Snowtracker aggressive and semi aggressive kit, you will find the pleasure of driving your snowmobile in trail in straight line and curves with extreme adherence and without darting.

Aggressive Kit

7 1/2" self sharpening carbide blade with over 1" of penetration. The primary outside stabilizing keels also provide over 1" penetration.


Semi-Aggressive Kit

6" self sharpening carbide blade with over 3/4" of penetration. The primary outside stabilizing keels also provide over 3/4" penetration.

5 blades eliminate the darting effect

Self-sharpening happens when the steel of the runner wears down (exposing the carbide), the same as when you sharpen a lead pencil. Since the carbide is harder, it wears less and the steel on carbide sides wear a little more. This is espacially so, when you cross roads and gravelly or paved areas. The runners always sharpens itself as you ride. The runner always for better control on ice and hard packed trails. The runner also lasts much longer than standard carbides due to the length of the carbide in the runner (saving money, less replacements, more security).

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